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What is Tuition Classes.com?
Tuition Classes is one of its kind online service which assists the students to find tuitors and Vice-Versa.

Whats different in Tuition Classes.com?
First TC is completely free for all. For Tuitors it gives you the most easy and convinient way of posting or Advertising your service to a vast number of potential students. For Students TC provides an easy to use Search to find the best available tuitors in their specific areas for the required category.

Is this Service free of cost?
TC is absolutely Free of cost for both the Tuitors as well as the Students.

How do I keep a track of my personal page and check for responses?
After Logging into your Account, click on the "View Responses" link to see the number or people have visited your Profile and have applied for your Tuition.

How do I insert content on my personal page?
When you login into your account, you will see the page links on the left hand side column. Links such as About, Highlights, Archives, Fees, Timings and Photo Gallery. When you click on any link, a related page opens where you can type your content. After inserting all the necessary information click on the "Update" button below to update the page.


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